Friday, July 1, 2011

what do I do with a BA in...

So I graduated! but now what to do that my school no longer acts as the bane of my existence? Oh wait.. they are.

Three weeks post grad and I get a letter in the mail stating that i'm short 3 credits, they also send me a deadline to make up the work- two weeks into the first summer session and a week away from the session ending. Good Job school.

So now I am doomed to come back in the fall- I was sooo close =(
Wish me luck

Saturday, August 22, 2009


We're on twitter- after taking a long vacay we're back and ready- or I am. For those who do follow us, no worries we still got ur back. I'll be keeping a watchful eye out. Its time I started my process of taking over the web. one site at a time.

Monday, June 8, 2009

happy summer

Hello Bloggers and blog followers,
we're back! I wanted you to know that something is happening at central, there is a change among the students- a new energy in the air. We're beginning to see that something isn't quite right, and a few of us have started to fight it. We look around us and we're noticing our campus, in a new light, we look at the fallacies around us, such as in the school motto " start with a dream, finish with a future" we lets just say that a lot of us are still dreaming, and that future--well its been delayed a year since most if us are on the five year plan. Well personally its not cool that is so hard to graduate from a public 4-year university. I feel that we weren't warned and a few of us found out the hard way, or through a letter from the registers office.
Well a few of us have banded together, we started independent papers, we have radio shows and now we have this blog. This summer marks the start of a year of change- no longer are we going to sit in class and listen to professors who don't teach, no longer will we not get the credits we earned, be stuck with horrible roommates etc. From those teachers who hate us, to those students who need us- we're here for you. Its time that people play their parts- we as the students, take note of what you see, everytime you are given the runaround, etc.., faculty- you sit on committiess- and now its time that you let us in- to help you, help us.

So send me a line, write in to the paper ( all of them) mention is on the radio. Lets make 2009-2010 a better year, so that when the few of us who get to graduate, know that we helped pave the way to make the rest of your guys experience at central a good one.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

its all about the privilege

a poem for men who don't understand what we mean when we say they have it

D.A. Clarke

reprinted from Banshee, Peregrine Press
Copyright (c) 1981 D. A. Clarke. All Rights Reserved

privilege is simple:
going for a pleasant stroll after dark,
not checking the back of your car as you get in, sleeping soundly,
speaking without interruption, and not remembering
dreams of rape, that follow you all day, that woke you crying, and
is not seeing your stripped, humiliated body
plastered in celebration across every magazine rack, privilege
is going to the movies and not seeing yourself
terrorized, defamed, battered, butchered
seeing something else

privilege is
riding your bicycle across town without being screamed at or
run off the road, not needing an abortion, taking off your shirt
on a hot day, in a crowd, not wishing you could type better
just in case, not shaving your legs, having a decent job and
expecting to keep it, not feeling the boss's hand up your crotch,
dozing off on late-night busses, privilege
is being the hero in the TV show not the dumb broad,
living where your genitals are totemized not denied,
knowing your doctor won't rape you

privilege is being
smiled at all day by nice helpful women, it is
the way you pass judgment on their appearance with magisterial authority,
the way you face a judge of your own sex in court and
are over-represented in Congress and are not strip searched for a traffic ticket
or used as a dart board by your friendly mechanic, privilege
is seeing your bearded face reflected through the history texts
not only of your high school days but all your life, not being
relegated to a paragraph
every other chapter, the way you occupy
entire volumes of poetry and more than your share of the couch unchallenged,
it is your mouthing smug, atrocious insults at women
who blink and change the subject -- politely -- privilege
is how seldom the rapist's name appears in the papers
and the way you smirk over your PLAYBOY

it's simple really, privilege
means someone else's pain, your wealth
is my terror, your uniform
is a woman raped to death here, or in Cambodia or wherever
wherever your obscene privilege
writes your name in my blood, it's that simple,
you've always had it, that's why it doesn't
seem to make you sick to your stomach,
you have it, we pay for it, now
do you understand

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President, As you may have noticed by the recent student satisfaction inventory (SSI), that a good percentage of students, well- aren't. Its a shame since central keeps getting better. It rings from the old baseball field to Diloreto hall, students are complaining to other students since they don't know where else to turn. Something has happened students who started here as freshmen are no longer excited, we're no longer being challenged and stimulated. We're finding our professors as the enemy, who are out to get us- who don't want us to succeed.
This is causing us in turn to give up, to want to run into class and say
screw HW- I don't wanna do it anymore, jus give me my exams". This is how we feel, we want to give up, but we don't- we persevere despite the feeling of being beat down. We've become disappointed with our school, where the only source of pride we have is demonstrated though our sports teams. There is a solution- let the students feel that our voices are actually being heard, let us see the results of our input. So as a solution: Central should have a confessional for students like me then someone on the other side will file the complaints and such and the you my good man will review them and make the school better.
There is time for change, but it starts with you. You have the power to enact the governing bodies of our campus to start policies to make this campus beautiful again, not perfect just beautiful, Happy students, on time graduations, food that students like ( non-sedexho), etc. I hate to have to think of transferring, but slowly and surely my fellow students and I, are getting fed up. So Mr. President I hope that you see it fitting to be a leader in this crazy time and speak out to your students. I believe in you sir.